Vegan Restaurant in the Netherlands refuses to discriminate and is closed by the authorities for not asking for QR-pass

A lot of countries in Europe face harsh measures against the unvaccinated.

The Utrecht vegan restaurant Waku Waku refused to cooperate in checking the corona pass, after which mayor Sharon Dijksma (PvdA) had the building closed. That resulted in a demonstration in front of the restaurant yesterday, which prevented eviction. The locks have now been drilled out and Waku Waku is actually closed. Yet the restaurant continues to oppose the corona pass and they receive broad support through crowdfunding!

According to the owner of restaurant Waku Waku, Floris Beukers, the resistance to the corona pass is a matter of principle. As far as he is concerned, having to comply with the coronapas control means that he is forced by the government to discriminate.

“Under Article 1 Protocol No. 12 to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, discrimination is prohibited. What the government asks of us is not only contrary to our moral compass. It is also very wrong,”

said Beukers.

With his steadfastness, the restaurant owner has placed himself in the middle of the social discussion about the corona pass, and has even had to pay a lot for it. And while opinions are divided on the restaurant owner’s action, he also enjoys broad support. At the time of writing, the counter on his GoFundMe page is already at 70,000 euros!

Now he can easily be blamed for making a mistake himself by not adhering to the measures and now capitalizing on the disaster he has brought on himself. Such comments are not hard to find on Twitter. But actually the restaurant owner shows nothing less than guts!

The mayor of Utrecht in the centre of the Netherlands, Sharon Dijksma ordered the restaurant to close its doors. The owners refused to do so and remained open last night. “Enforcers from the municipality visited the business at the beginning of the evening to ask the owners again to close, but even then they refused. (…) Where the police initially did not take any action , at a certain point they asked the owners to hand over the key to the building. ,,No way”, he replied, “I will close the door myself at 11 am and then I will leave.” The police granted that request. Peace returned to the restaurant just after 11 pm. “

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