Wagamama UK offers now a more than 50% vegan menu!

Wagamama, will be the UK’s ‘first’ high-street restaurant chain where more than half of its menu is vegan-friendly.

It comes as part of the company’s autumn menu, which was developed to help customers “combat climate change.”

Vegan menu at Wagamama

The chain’s 2021 Positive Action Plan includes giving plant-based options an equal footing on its menu.

Spicy Teriyaki Vegan ‘Chicken’ Steamed Buns, as well as two ramens: Spicy Vegan ‘Short Rib’ Ramen and Teriyaki Vegan ‘Chicken’ Ramen, are all on the new vegan menu. Shu’s ‘Shiok’ Jackfruit is also included.

The ‘Short Ribs’ are produced using a mushroom and soy protein, as well as jackfruit as a chicken substitute.

It comes ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), which will take place next month.

Wagamama intends to encourage diners to make a “little decision for a big change” by eating more plant-based dishes in light of this. As a result, it is providing a complimentary vegan side dish for the entire month of November.

Wagamama rolls out autumn menu, with more than half vegan
Vegan Ramen to be available in the UK Credit:supplied

8,000 guests have vowed to participate in the Plant-Pledge Campaign, which began last month.

Taking care of the environment

In a statement to PBN, CEO Thomas Heier remarked,:

“This menu launch marks an important occasion for us as a business.”

‘This menu launch marks an important moment for us as a business’

‘We’ve been making choices, both big and small, to tread more lightly on our earth’, they added.

“We’re privileged to have restaurants in most major UK cities, therefore feel a real responsibility and exciting opportunity to make plant-based food as accessible as possible to all guests no matter their dietary preferences.

“We feel passionately that plant-based food can be just as nourishing and delicious.

“We hope our new menu will influence a positive spike in plant-based menu participation from our guests.”

It is not clear if Wagamamas in other countries will follow

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