The UK’s youngest vegan chef is the face of the vegan school meals campaign ‘For Kids By Kids.’

Award-winning chef Omari McQueen is advocating for more vegan meals in schools in collaboration with Meatless Farm.

Meatless Farm has teamed up with Omari McQueen, the UK’s youngest plant-based chef, to launch its ‘For Kids By Kids’ campaign.
The initiative is intended towards the education catering industry, with the goal of increasing plant-based food consumption in schools.

 “I am extremely passionate about the sustainability of food and teaching my generation more about where their food is sourced and the long-term environmental impact our food choices can have.

“I am so excited to partner with Meatless Farm and to be able to share my love of cooking with such a forward-thinking brand.”

McQueen adds.

Vegan school lunches are becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

The agreement will be executed in two phases as part of Meatless Farm’s foodservice objective to “make menus meatless.” The initial phase of the campaign is content-driven, with an emphasis on education and recipe inspiration. It begins with a series of promotional videos starring McQueen and Ben Davy, the culinary chef of Meatless Farm. The movies will include recipes for popular school dinners, demonstrating how adaptable and delicious plant-based food can be while also emphasizing the need of eating sustainably. Everyone will be able to access and learn from the content, which will be hosted on Meatless Farm’s dedicated homepage.

The campaign’s second phase will directly engage schools, including the co-development of plant-based diets for schoolchildren.

For Kids By Kids

By kids, for kids For many youngsters, food is their primary interaction, especially for the 1.4 million who get free school meals. The ‘For Kids By Kids’ campaign strives to show school caterers the crucial role that plant-based cuisine can play beyond the all-important functional and cost objectives, with so many children exhibiting concern for the planet’s future. Meatless Farm UK and Ireland’s Managing Director, Michael Hunter, says:

 “School caterers are playing an increasingly important role in food culture and we are committed to educating children on food from a young age to help them make healthier choices for themselves and the planet.

“With the help of Omari, we want to achieve a heightened level of support for caterers and a recognition of the role that plant-based food can play in offering nutritional, sustainable and cost-effective meals for children.”

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