Meet the animal rights activist who runs a vegan sanctuary on the Isle of Skye.

Lynn Jolly launched Lotus Heart Sanctuary in Dunvegan earlier this year. It is part of a larger community with camping pods and a variety of holistic services. Inspired by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. The vegan sanctuary is now home to 20 animals and encompasses 76 acres of croft land.

Mission to save the cows

Lynn gained national prominence five years ago when she organized a campaign to spare a two-year-old dairy bull from slaughter. Prince the bull was rescued from Bridge of Weir Farm in Renfrewshire. Her experience inspired her to construct the vegan animal refuge of her dreams.


Lynn : “The story has helped my project to open a vegan animal sanctuary.

“I remember at the time, the rescue mission for Prince was being covered across the broadcasters and newspapers.” “At the time, the awareness about veganism was low compared to now. “The story certainly pushed my idea to create a vegan animal sanctuary.”

Lynn has stated that the Misty Isle was the best place she could find to build her sanctuary.

She continued, “I looked all over Scotland for land. “When I used to visit Skye and Highlands for holidays, there was a sense of calm. “Skye was always my number one choice for the animal sanctuary.”

The life of an animal refuge on the Isle of Skye

Prince, who is now seven years old, proudly calls the Skye animal sanctuary his home. The bull is one of several animals on the croft, which also includes a ewe named Tara who thinks she’s a cow. Tara was fostered alongside Bodhi, a baby cow who had also been abandoned, after her parents abandoned her in 2019. Although the two were inseparable, tragedy struck last year when Bodhi died at the age of nine months.


Lynn explaines us: “She was rejected by her mother so Tara was brought up with cow Bodhi.“ You couldn’t separate them for around nine months.“ As she got older, it was revealed that she wasn’t interested in being among sheep.“ She just wants to run with the cows.“It is funny and eye-opening.”

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