In a bid to’save money,’ Pringles has stopped making vegan products, causing outrage.

Pringles, the popular American potato chip company, has angered vegans by including milk in some of its products.

It was prompted by customer complaints that several flavors were no longer vegan.

Texas BBQ Sauce, which has long been vegan-friendly, is one of the most popular flavors in the stackable line.

Pringles is no longer a vegan snack.

Original, Paprika, Smokey Bacon, and Sweet Chilli are among the flavors that were once vegan. However, due to the addition of dairy products, vegans will no longer be able to enjoy the snacks.

Vegan Food UK expressed its displeasure with the news on social media, calling it a “step backward.”

Vegan Food UK is an internet organization that publishes vegan food news, reviews, vlogs, and other content. It has a Facebook group, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and an Instagram account, among other social media platforms.

It also included a press release from the company.

The change was made to allow Pringles to increase “capacity” while also “saving costs,” according to the company.

Furthermore, it has enabled the brand to “reduce the amount of food waste,” allowing it to meet sustainability goals. However, the company has yet to explain how adding milk accomplishes this.

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