According to a poll, 71% of millennials are making vegan Christmas food this year.

According to a recent poll, nearly three-quarters of millennials plan to make plant-based versions of traditional holiday meals this year. Seventy-one percent is the exact figure.

There were also similar numbers for those who wanted to eat “healthier” during the holidays.

Eat Just, Inc., a vegan egg company, commissioned the survey, which included 2,000 Americans. This week, it was released.

plant-based Christmas for Millennials
When asked how they planned to change their holiday traditions this year, more than half of all respondents said they’d found the “perfect” holiday dish.

This was a dish that was healthy, tasty, and environmentally friendly, with 56 percent of respondents saying it was plant-based.

Forty percent of baby boomer participants said their children (millennials) eat differently than they did when they were younger. On the other hand, 61% of millennials say their parents are unwilling to change their ways, especially when it comes to their diets.

Seventy percent of millennials are worried about their parents’ eating habits. On the plus side, 70% of millennials and 33% of baby boomers said they would be interested in making a fully plant-based holiday meal. Half of the baby boomer generation said they will make at least one plant-based holiday dish this year, while 45 percent of millennials said they will serve five to nine plant-based dishes.

Millennials were far more likely than baby boomers to say they planned to eat healthier in general.

According to the survey, people are more likely to prepare plant-based meals this year. In 2020, 67 percent of millennials and 24% of baby boomers said they had such plans.

Creating new customs

With this information in hand, Eat Just is launching a “Start Your Tradition” marketing campaign on YouTube, television, and multiple social media platforms to assist consumers in making the transition to plant-based eating this holiday season. The company’s vegan mung bean-based JUST Egg is the focus of the campaign, which shows how it can be used as a one-for-one replacement in traditional family recipes to make them plant-based.

Who is at the helm of the vegan revolution?

This isn’t the first poll to show that young people are more likely to support plant-based eating habits.

According to data from 1,000 university students in the United Kingdom, 39% are eating less meat. This is largely due to environmental concerns and a desire to reduce their carbon footprint.

Quizlet collaborated with the Carbon Literacy Project to create this survey.

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